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aurenfaie asked:

Duluth, Fargo, & Grain Belt?

Duluth – What time period do you find most interesting? Uhhhh I’m not good with history and I wouldn’t have liked to live in the past (social issues were worse!) BUT medievel times make me curious, they sound so surreal

Fargo – What is something that people (or a person) think(s) about you that is wrong? Very very sensitive (which I dont mind too much) and confrontational (I don’t like that but my anxiety makes me wanna always talk things out and it can be pushy and I don’t like being invasive or overwhelming or consuming)

Grain Belt – What is something you’ve made/done that you’re proud of? I was really thin and didn’t wanna gain weight. I didn’t like not having a waistline but at least i was skinny right? But then I stopped caring, I gained some weight and I didn’t look as swell as I wanted but I felt healthier! And I seemed to reach a balance cause I lost a bit of weight and ta-da I got a bit of a waist line now!! Not too important but it felt like a nice lil gift from life on top of feeling better. I think loving myself made it happen, I think letting go was good :)